Eucalyptus – beautiful, everlasting, aromatic and medicinal

Kute Koala munchin’ on Eucalyptus leaves

It’s essential for Koalas to nourish themselves on Eucalyptus leaves. Humans use essential oil with this potent leaf as a medicinal remedy for many ailments. As wonderful as this plant is, safety in small doses is as crucial to humans as the need for Koalas to have their daily dosage.


We use it for pain management in a combined essential oil topical creme called Deep Blue (mentioned  in the previous post about Helichrysum). It’s part of the cooling/warmth feeling that helps with inflammation and to soothe the injured muscle tissue. Primarily used as a topical during cold season to help open and clear the passage ways for easier breathing. Also useful to clear the air as a essential oil spray.

eucalyptus oil now organic_
Eucalyptus Oil Organic

Some hair care products include this plant essence for a uplifting and awakening to the scalp. I used it in a shampoo at a hotel on vacation a few times. It’s definitely a revitalizing feeling. My favorite is using it on aching/swollen feet or muscles. I make a essential oil combo with it and lavender oil in a lip gloss roller ball glass container. It relieves my feet and also the added benefit of the pomegranate oil  as a carrier oil nourishes my dry skin. 🙂

Helichrysum- The Flower with power


helichrysum-italicum-002Pain Management Naturally begins with Helichrysum. The flower with power. There are so many natural benefits this plant provides. To name them all here would be a very long post. Here are few top benefits- Anti-spasmodic, Anti Allergenic, Anti Coagulant, Anti Microbial, Anti Septic, Anti Hematoma, Anti Inflammatory and more. Most importantly this plant is what we call; Nervine. This is important info to those who have what I call ‘the ghost pains.’ That shooting nerve pain it seems only a Acupuncturist can help stop recurring. A Nervine (plant) may help “calm the nerves” that are shooting in response to whatever is ailing the body at the moment. Some practitioners call it referred pain or the meridians/energy receptors/qi flow/yin and yang needing alignment. What I know personally is in combination with a few other essential oils, it stops my ghost pains and relieves my muscle spasms. So I sing praises to the Sun Gold plant for it benefits naturally. ( not really, but I am joyfully thankful! lol) . Specifically I use both the essential oil and rub/creme called Deep Blue topically which contains Helichrysum combined with other essential oils to calm my nerve pain. I can tell you all the stories about my younger sister suffering every kind of back pain, pain managements shots I drove her to get, to her eventual back surgery that thankfully was successful, but what also genuinely helps her today and others with this type of nerve/muscle pain is the Deep Blue rub. When that shoulder spasm or sciatica happens I grab Deep Blue too. Yes, I practice my Yoga daily. It’s the active life induced pains that occurs for me. : ) It is also known to help with Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis. I don’t have dozens of personal stories to share about these specific skin benefits, but I don’t doubt the amazing results. I believe in using both Western and Eastern medicine as Integrative Whole Health Medicine. If a combination of these practices are used to help aid in healing  the symptoms then hopefully and eventually the root cause will be eliminated. Then a happy and healthy life is possible. YAY! — – Here is a link to our Herbalist Amazon store to try a little of the Deep Blue out.

That’s how I did it. I got the mini packets, then I got the tube right after it worked. LOL. I’m a little skeptic even though I am in Natural Medicine professionally 15 years. ; ). It’s a healthy and wise attitude I believe.