Helichrysum- The Flower with power


helichrysum-italicum-002Pain Management Naturally begins with Helichrysum. The flower with power. There are so many natural benefits this plant provides. To name them all here would be a very long post. Here are few top benefits- Anti-spasmodic, Anti Allergenic, Anti Coagulant, Anti Microbial, Anti Septic, Anti Hematoma, Anti Inflammatory and more. Most importantly this plant is what we call; Nervine. This is important info to those who have what I call ‘the ghost pains.’ That shooting nerve pain it seems only a Acupuncturist can help stop recurring. A Nervine (plant) may help “calm the nerves” that are shooting in response to whatever is ailing the body at the moment. Some practitioners call it referred pain or the meridians/energy receptors/qi flow/yin and yang needing alignment. What I know personally is in combination with a few other essential oils, it stops my ghost pains and relieves my muscle spasms. So I sing praises to the Sun Gold plant for it benefits naturally. ( not really, but I am joyfully thankful! lol) . Specifically I use both the essential oil and rub/creme called Deep Blue topically which contains Helichrysum combined with other essential oils to calm my nerve pain. I can tell you all the stories about my younger sister suffering every kind of back pain, pain managements shots I drove her to get, to her eventual back surgery that thankfully was successful, but what also genuinely helps her today and others with this type of nerve/muscle pain is the Deep Blue rub. When that shoulder spasm or sciatica happens I grab Deep Blue too. Yes, I practice my Yoga daily. It’s the active life induced pains that occurs for me. : ) It is also known to help with Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis. I don’t have dozens of personal stories to share about these specific skin benefits, but I don’t doubt the amazing results. I believe in using both Western and Eastern medicine as Integrative Whole Health Medicine. If a combination of these practices are used to help aid in healing  the symptoms then hopefully and eventually the root cause will be eliminated. Then a happy and healthy life is possible. YAY! — – Here is a link to our Herbalist Amazon store to try a little of the Deep Blue out.


That’s how I did it. I got the mini packets, then I got the tube right after it worked. LOL. I’m a little skeptic even though I am in Natural Medicine professionally 15 years. ; ). It’s a healthy and wise attitude I believe. 

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